Our mission

The Big Picture crafts surprising, inspiring and evocative impressions of unbuilt architectural spaces.

Storytelling and art direction aren’t just cliché words to us. We want to go beyond the image and help you weaving a unique narrative for your projects, specifically tailored to your wishes, ambitions and audience.

The Big Picture is a fresh brand in the architectural visualization scene. We are passionate about communicating architecture through images: with over 4 years of experience in design and visualization for top-class architects, we know how to shape your vision into one perfect recipe, carefully balancing effective communication, powerful visual narrative, artistic vision and pragmatic aspects.

(plus, we’re from Italy and we know a thing or two about art and recipes…)

Connect with us

Get in touch! We love to share with the outer world what’s cooking in our labs. Be sure to check out our social media channels and follow us!