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about us

Our philosophy

The Big Picture helps architects and developers building visual strategies that best fit their target audience, supporting them with iconic images.

We are based in Bologna, Italy, the bustling heart of Emilia-Romagna, famous for its porticoes and some of the best pasta dishes in the world. We have local roots, but a global heart and we collaborate with top-class 3D artists from all over the world. Simply put, we were already smart-working before it became a smashing hit. 

Our mission is to help architects and developers bridging the gap between their audience and their ideas. 

Whether they are meant for a big competition, an investor pitch or a marketing campaign, our work is carefully designed with a visual strategy behind and tailored on our clients’ goals and target audience.

We believe in the power of long lasting partnerships based on empathy and trust. Through a client-driven approach, we educate and consult firms on how to visually communicate their architecture to a global audience and support them with awe-inspiring visuals.


Federico Biancullo

Founder & 3D Artist

A jack of all trades, major nerd, and cat person, Federico learnt what it really takes to communicate architecture to a global audience while working for world-class architecture firms in Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands.

After working as lead 3D artist for Mecanoo architecten from 2015 to 2017, he finally founded The Big Picture and went back to his Italian roots.

Teaching and content creation also has a special place in his heart. In 2015 he founded the popular The CTRL+Z Blog, acclaimed as the main reference in the Italian web on illustration and professional development in the architecture industry.

Federico is deep into semi-obscure pop references, geeky stuff, and all kinds of interactive storytelling forms. Outside the office, you can easily spot him playing indie videogames or table-top RPGs with friends. His motto? Work hard, play harder!

Erika Ruiz

Freelance 3D Artist

Hyperactive, curious and creative, Erika has a big passion for architecture, photography and cinema and she loves to combine them together when working on architectural projects.

She studied Architecture and Building Engineering, but soon after the graduation she realized that her true passion was in in finding the right way to portrait architectures.

After a post-graduate course in Digital Architecture and a working experience at Orange Architects in Rotterdam, she now works as a freelance artist and has been collaborating with The Big Picture since 2019.

Erika is fascinated by the use of light in street photography and when she is not behind the screen crafting images or searching for some new inspiration she is most likely somewhere taking pictures or travelling around the world.

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